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Discover your opportunities for Hybrid Transportation. Hint: We don't mean get a Prius.

I already walk to school pretty much every day. My mom wants to start picking me up at after school program and walking home with me. This will be fun except on Fridays when I have swimming after school. On those days I am wet, and cold and we should ride in her car. My mom likes to walk with me.

I think that every child should walk if they are only a mile or less from their school. The kids at my mom's school ride the bus and they live right by the school. They also live on flat ground. Mom says it's because they live on a busy HWY. I think that we need to help them by making sidewalks in that town so the kids coudl walk. They will be happier and healthier when they walk to school.

Also, buses need to be smaller and electric or maybe even solar. I saw a pictre of a bus that uses pedal power to get around.....maybe that would work too.