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Food Challenge #3

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Eat real food. Not too much. Mostly plants.

I like to eat vegetables like carrots, basil, peas, edamame, and potatoes. I also like pasta: noodles and cheese, raviolis, and spaghetti.

I love pizza with red sauce or pesto and cheese. I don't like eating animals so I only eat chicken now and then. I don't really like eating animals because it means soemthing had to die and I dont like to think of them dying. If I'm eating chicken and I start thinking about how it was once living and now it's dead, I can't keep eating it. I start to feel sad and wonder how the chicken's family feels about loosing it's sister, or brother...people should think about these things more if they did there wouldn't be guns, or killing and everyone would become vegetarians.

We would be a happier planet without guns and killing and we would be better friends with the animals. We still have to eat the plants....which is sad, but I would rather eat the plants than the things that actually move around (animals) I feel like I can actaully be friends with them. I do feel like I could be friends with a tree, but would pick a moving life rather than one that doesn't move. It's hard to pick, but you want to be friends with something that's a little more playful....like Abbey-cat.  I could NEVER eat a cat....EVER!