Food points

Food Challenge #2

Challenge Complete


Grow a friend (food plant) as a gift for another friend (human person).

Today we are going to get basil seeds to start growing our basil plants.

We always have basil in our garden because they are so yummy. I like to pick the basil fresh off the plant. If there is a little dirt on the leaf when I pick it I just rub it off or rinse it. My only worry is that our cat Abbey might munch on it but we will keep the plants in my bedroom near the window shut the door during the day so she cant eat them.

We love basil---in our family we make lots of pesto and then eat it on pizza! I love pesto pizza.

And basil is very good for your body!

After the seeds get big enough and it is finally warm we will plant our basil babies in the garden near the sade walk. This year we are goingto add a lot more sand to our soil----basil loves sand.