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Contribute to the Young Writer's Project Climate Writing Challenge! Deadline April 17!

The Prompt: Climate: Using words, images, audio and/or video, respond to one of the three prompts below. Feel free to choose the medium or multi-media that work best for you to convey your message in the most powerful way you can. Respond to one of the three options below:

1. It is 2050. Write a letter to your children telling them a story about what you did in 2015 to help resolve the climate crisis as part of a worldwide movement called To Change Everything We Need Everyone.


June 1st, 2050

Dear (nothing),


    I am writing this because I would love to tell you what I did in 2015, you know when I was young probably. Anyways, this was when I was 12, I was on the “Edge Team” at Essex Middle School. Our teacher told us about “Vermontivate” and to join, I did that during class the next day. But the next day I made an account with the username “itsamystery”. We did challenges to help prevent climate change, which of course we all knew back then that was a very bad problem (I mean it was pretty bad, it was still cold in April! Snow, in April!) Yeah we did that biked to school (once it was warm outside at least.) Everyone did their part really.