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Help us spiff up Button-Up Day.

I've been thinkin', the trouble with insulation, it's just not pretty (except the pink stuff).  Can we turn this into an art project?  All that plastic sheeting that we hang up over our windows -- maybe we can cut out pretty pictures from magazines and tape them on!  How about a community project where we all draw and paint and glue glitter and jazz up all our plastic sheeting before we hang it up?

Dance should be involved, too.  I am not sure how ... maybe for every 15 minutes of buttoning up, there's a mini dance party.  With video to share on the Vermontivate page.

And food!!  And stories!!  How 'bout a Moth Style Story time/potluck dinner party -- we all share our stories about fuel bills that almost killed us in the past, or the most fantastic vacations we could take with the saved money, etc.

Fun fun fun!!!  Let's make weatherization fun!