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Food Challenge #2

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Grow a friend (food plant) as a gift for another friend (human person).

I don't grow plants any more.  My husband had a small garden last year and we had tomatoes, 2 kinds of squash( yellow crock neck, and zuccini) and 3 pepper plants ( green bell, yellow bell and red bell).  He'd make stir fry with cut up saugage.


I learned something last year that Den had noticed. Some squash have male and female bloosoms. Explains a bit better why we knead honey bees
I often start some extra veggie plants in my sunroom to share with neighbors. As well I share my excess seeds.
We used to have a huge garden in the back yard. I would can and freeze many vegetables. It wasn't uncommon for us to have 4 or 5 vegetables at a meal. My children would help with the preparation of the vegetable to can. I just read an article about cooking squash bloosoms.