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I posted this on my team wall...

I love this true story... 
There was one class in a school that was so unruly, so hard to handle, that it went through 6 teachers in 1 year. The principal was so tired of the revolving door of teachers, that he didn't even meet with the 7th teacher, to try to tell her about her class or what to expect. The secretary just gave the new teacher the student register and sent her into the classroom. 
Within a few weeks, the principal was surprised to find the teacher was still at the school. And he was even more surprised to go by the classroom and find it quiet, no screaming, no acting up... just students studying and learning. The kids would now line up to go to lunch, they were orderly... the entire classroom had changed. 
After a month, the principal called the new teacher in for a meeting and asked how she managed to tame the worst set of students he had ever had to deal with. 
The teacher replied, 'I don't know what you are talking about. I think you have mistaken my class for another class. I was given the class of gifted and talented students.' 
The principal replied, 'No, I haven't made a mistake. Your class has had 6 teachers this year!'
She persisted, 'Look at the register, here you can see all their IQs. They are off the charts!'
The principal looked at the register and said, 'Those are their locker numbers.'
The teacher had thought the best of her students and brought out the best in them... 

When it comes to tackling difficult issues and maybe people... I try to remember this story. I hope it will lead to a different outcome than usual... 


OMG, that is an awesome story!! I love, love, love it -- such a great example of how a positive psychology/appreciative inquiry approach can help us tackle even our biggest challenges, like climate change! Thank you, Fruitfull!
Great story! :)