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Team-Building Challenge #1

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Enrich your team with the gift of your kindness, wisdom or gratitude.

I wrote... 

'Okay... I am doing the team building challenge and need to share something about gratitude!! This is something I'm good at... I even wrote a chapter in a book about gratitude. It all started with a book, Simple Abundance, by Sarah Ban Breathnach, where she recommended writing 5 things a day for which you are grateful... By week three, it completely changes your life. You spend the whole day looking for what's right and wonderful in the world and stop focusing on the negative... It's very Vermontatious! xo'

Sometimes looking into eco-issues can be a huge, collosal bummer! It can be depressing and bring you down... We have to fight that to try to stay up while we do what we can. Gratitude is a good way... 


Wow! So cool!