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Energy Challenge #5

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Think big! Tell the story of how you could get your life to 90% clean energy consumption.

I think the hardest challenge is heating our homes... We have a cold weather heat pump, which works well for a good chunk of the year, but the issue is the coldest time. I have dreams of living in a small home that is super efficient... rain water is collected off of the roof, gray water is used from showers for the garden, there's lots of natural light, solar panels, batteries so it's off grid, a cold weather heat pump, and a pellet stove for the coldest times of year. i love the idea of being self-sufficient... i love hearing about net zero homes... it resonates and seems the way were are meant to live. it's the getting there that's the challenge! I think we have been conditioned to live in a way that we expect, but it's not sustainable. to break that thought pattern is the only way. i am going to a talk on monday night to hear about someone who is living in a net zero retrofit... i will get more ideas then!