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Food Challenge #6

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Have a local meal with friends. Play by the rules!

This is a slight twist on the challenge, but I think it might be acceptable!

Last night, I helped members of my faith community cook and serve a free community supper for 237 people!  We do this twice a year and this time our menu was veggie lasagna, salad, and bread.  We sourced the food from donations we received from grocery stores that gave us food that was no longer perfect, but still usable.  We also bought local food such as carrots, spinach, and cheese.  I think this meal was very sustainable and it was delicious.  At least 25 volunteers joined together to put this meal together.

Our community members appreciated this vegetarian meal.  We collected and composted the food waste and there was very little.  It was heartening to see the large gathering of people and the smiles on faces young and old.  

My photo shows me with my grandchildren, who helped prepare the meal, sitting with some of our guests.