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My challenge to myself was to get more involved with the students at my local college who are working on climate change.  They were looking for a community liaison, so I volunteered to attend their meetings.  I have attended every Sunday night for the last 6 weeks and am helping them make some connections with local groups who are working on the same issues:  divestment from fossil fuels, the movement against the Addison County gas pipeline, raising awareness about climate change on their campus, getting composting utensil into more public spaces, and training for movement building.  I have learned a lot and have a lot of admiration for these students who are so committed and work so hard.

I did one concrete thing for them--I made 50 orange armbands they could wear to show their solidarity with the students who are sitting in for fossil fuel divestment.  

I intend to stick with my involvement with this group because when we work together as a whole community, we achieve great things!