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Help us spiff up Button-Up Day.

Last year on Button Up Vermont Day, my energy committee did the following:  held a community wide Button Up Workshop a week ahead of time, and formed volunteer teams of two to go to 9 homes in our town where we installed insulating door sweeps and gave out an LED bulb to each resident.  We used those home visits to talk about the value of having a home energy audit and how to make energy improvements in their homes.  We located two families that qualifyed for the free Champlain Valley Weatherization Program and gave them the information they needed to apply.  

I believe the Button Up Workshop is a valuable for any community and should be done during the week or two leading up to Button Up Vermont Day.  This year, we are thinking in addition to the Workshop, we will go to our town Recycling Center and hand out literature about energy efficiency to residents.  We have found this to be an effective place to reach people in our small, rural town.  If we can get a small grant, we will also give out LED bulbs, which are very popular.

All of these actions can be accompanied by publicity in the local media to bring awareness to Button Up Day and make people begin thinking of this as a day to take some kind of action towards energy efficiency.