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Transportation Challenge #5

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Personal Transportation Power-Up! Shine your shoes, buff your bike, or bling your bus pass. Hint: Don't wax your car.

I took my bike into the shop yesterday for a tune-up, having pulled it out from under my porch and discovered a fair amount of rust. Sorry bike! Because of the bike swap at Greenup Day on Saturday, they said it could take 'til early next week before I have it back. So my original plan of giving it a good wash and polish won't be ready on time for Vermontivate. Which means I'm on foot still, anyway. But, no wheels, no problem when you live in town. When I got home, instead of sprucing up my bike I gave myself a good foot rub, starting by finding all the foot bones - calcaneous is my favorite to say out loud, and it's also the sturdiest. It takes a lot of pounding!


Oohhh calcaneous! Great word!