Transportation points

Transportation Challenge #4

Challenge Complete


Uncover your barriers for Hybrid Transportation. Hint: They're probably not concrete blocks.


A) having the luxury of being able to get up at the last minute, roll out of bed, and get to work on time = often rushing out the door = driving

B) bike being in storage under the porch = not even trying

C) helmet not being accessible = driving

D) it being hot out and not wanting to get sweaty in my work clothes = driving

E) it being cold, icy, and snowy = not biking, or walking, especially in a rush

What I'm going to do:

1) attempt to go to bed earlier and get up earlier

2) Get the bike out from under the porch and clean it up, pump the tires, check it out - this weekend!

3) bring deoderant to work

4) suck it up and ride! :-)