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Getting around should be Easy, Affordable, and Healthy - for everyone. Share a creative expression of what you value about these mobility rights!

This is a map of my daily commute to work. I have a 13 minute half-mile walk to work and I LOVE that about living in a small Vermont town -- that I can technically walk everywhere. I know this isn't the case for everyone and it's something I tried hard for when I was looking for apartments, and it's been great. I'm going to be moving again pretty soon most likely, as my fellowship ends in June. I'm hoping whereever I end up that I can still have a commute that is mostly on foot or public transportation. My car Petunia is really old and so I feel like I get points for not having to buy a whole new car/put her in the scrap heap, but she's also pretty stinky and I don't want her emitting too much. I'm usually pretty good at leaving her in the driveway most of the time, but with the cold and having to carry things and a few mornings of being so late I wouldn't make it in on time... I've been sliding. As (real) spring approaches I'm excited for bike weather to be back. I haven't used my bike nearly as much as I could and as a result take silly car trips to the grocery store for my big loads of groceries when I could just be filling up my saddle bags! So my goal for this spring to is get out the bike pump and have her ready to go for those mornings I'm running too late to walk or when I have a heavy load to carry.