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Energy Challenge #5

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Think big! Tell the story of how you could get your life to 90% clean energy consumption.

Getting to 90 percent dependence on clean energy is something I have been working both at home  and a Ascension Lutheran Church.   The actions that have the greatest carbon pollution benefits are the energy efficiency and conservation actions: i.e., replacing all home lights with LEDs, upgrading heating system to a high efficiency system, replacing appliances with ENERGYSTAR models....but after all that is done there remains a long way to go.... best handled by investments in solar hot water and solar electricity.  I have a solar hot water system that provides my home domestic hot water needs in the summer and some in other seasons.  Solar electric is tricky because I do not have a roof for solar and the community solar vendors are selling off the solar quality from their community solar fields to people in other states, leaving Vermonters with grid electricity after investing in the sytem.  I will make the plunge into Community Solar when someone offers solar that retains its solar rights.

Transportation is the big obstacle.  While I prefer and use public transportation this doesn't do the job in VT.  I  have a hybrid auto but that still burns gas.    An electric vehicle may be a good option eventually but it still isn't affordable.   So I do not have a good answer to switching to renewable transportation yet.