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on monday I was not home very much, but I did have a chance to unplug my keyboard (the instrument, like a piano) but besides that I was not really at home enough to have a chance to do that. Yesterday, tuesday, I bike in to school with my friend, and biked home. today is no screen day, But I forgot and I have to use screens for school, but I will do this challenge sometime next week, becuase I still have school tomorrow and friday, and I will be in the airport on sat, and I dont think I will be able to have a whole plane ride withough my ipod. so i will do that next week. the cookout thing I cant do, but my family has local, non processed food alot, becuase ,my dad really does not like proscesd food, and watched an apperantly gross, diet changing documentary, and now does not like non local meat and stuff. we also sometimes shop at all local naturall food markets, but I cant do that this week, becuase my family is busy, and next week we are going out of town. But I bet I will deffenently do that over the summer.