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Stop eating sugar for 5 days!

I started eating no added sugar on wednesday night. I ppanned a lunch for the next day free of sugar. apples, bread and butter (bread has sugar, but not alot, and It would be impossible to have anything to eat withought bread), triscuts, water, letuce with oil, viniger, salt and pepper, and ahard boiled egg. for dinner, I never eat much sugar, so that was pretty easiy, but i could not eat the ranch dressing, becuase it has lots of sugar. My mom got me some no sugar added penut butter and it tasted better that regualar peanut butter, and had much less sugar, so for the past 5 days i have been using that with celery, apples, and sometimes of toast. (sorry about the sugar in the bread). for dinner one night we made homemade pizzas, the sauce add alot of sugar, so I used tomatoe paste and some spices, and it tasted really really good! at one point I got a bunch of fruit cravings, so I ate a little extra fruit. This challenge was really fun and it showed me how much I eat sugar, it also showed me that its not as hard as i thught to not eat sugar, unless you are at a party of some kind with cake. yesterday I had my last dar of religion class, so we all got cake, and I really felt like just eating the cake, but I didnt, it was pretty hard. I think I might do this challenge some more, but mabey a little less severe, like one sweet a day and no other, or not alot other added sugar. This seems kind of like bragging, becuase i made this challenge, but thins has been a really great challenge and I am glad I completed it. Oh! also this morning I had coffe cake for breakfast, and after going 5 day without sugar i felt sick of the sugar after eating one peice, you know what it feels like after you eat abunch of candy? that is what it was like after eating the coffe cake, it was kind of cool.