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Food Challenge #5

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Tell a story of one of your favorite Vermont local food experiences.

In kindergatern I went to a sugar house for a feild trip and it was really fun. we got to taste the different kinds of syrup and go look at the buckets of sap, then we learned about how its boiled, and how the whole thing works. the next weekend my family and i went to the same sugar house, becuase it was an open house of something. So we went there and bought some sugar on snow, I think it was two things of it. so we bought it and ate it and I loved it so I ate alot. Everyone else in my family kind of ish-liked it so I ate most of it. (and the pikles) i think we got another one and I ate most of that too. i loved it. It was so sweet, and sugary, and good. after alot of sugar on snow (and snow and pickles) i started to feel sick. It became areally gross, and I started to wish i hadnt eaten as much. Then i threw up. On the way home I felt terrible. I got a fever, and was feeling nauseous the whole ride. the next 2 days at school, well, it wasnt at school becuase i stayed home. for 5 years after that i did not eat any more sugar on snow. I stoped liking it with that last bite. so i had promised myself not to eat t anymore. then, one day in 5th grade, my friend came over, and me and her and our sisters had homemade sugar on snow (the sugar sinks into the snow, becuase its not as thick as they make it when you go to a place and get it) I thought it was good and decided I liked it again. I have not had sugar on snow scince then (that was over 2 years ago) but I really want to try the good stuff, that is boiled alot so it is like taffy on top. Even though it took me 5 years, I have now recovered from my sugar on snow sickness