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Food Challenge #3

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Eat real food. Not too much. Mostly plants.

lately I have been trying to eat less sugar, becuase iw atched a very powerfull documentary, called Fed Up. It was really good, and showed me how bad sugar is for you. so I kind of did the eat really food stuff, but mostly, just less sweets, yesterday I went withougt any sweets, which was pretty hard, becuase easter just happened and there is candy all over my house. i realized how addicted to sugar I am. I kept being about to eat candy or something then just barely stopping myself.


Hey craycraylillers, This documentary sounds amazing---thanks for sharing it with us. Maybe I'll show it to my science students. I like how self reflective you are about the need for sugar, it is amazing how much our body craves the things that are not good for us. Keep up the great thoughts!