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Discover your opportunities for Hybrid Transportation. Hint: We don't mean get a Prius.

Another alternative that you did not mention is telecommuting.  Ever since my office flooding int he psring of 2011 I have not had an office and have done most of my work form home.  It is a challenge to stay on track with work, but I have been able to do most of my work from home.

This year I will have an office again and it is on the vike path, so I plan to combine my work commute with my exercise program and get 5 miles of bike riding in 4 days a week.  Not the hybrid you mentioned but I hope I can make it happen.

My husband and a co-worker share the commuting duties by taking turns driving to and from work.  Most weeks they can make it work 4 days and my husband leaves work earlier this way so it is a double positive.