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Food Challenge #5

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Tell a story of one of your favorite Vermont local food experiences.

When I was growing up we had a huge grape arbor in our back yard with a prolific Concord grapevine that provided enough grape jelly to last our family of 5 for a whole year.  We all picked the grapes and my mother performed the magic that created the lucious pure jelly that we loved. 

A few years ago I finally figured out where I could grow grapes at our house and found a seedless Concord grape vine and a Canadice seedless vine.  Last year we got our first crop of grapes.  See the photo. It wouldn't provide a years worth of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (my husband's regular lunch) but it was the first time I had tried making a jelly instead of a jam.  It worked!  I figured out enough of the magic to create that lucious treat.  It was different because of the two varieties of grapes, but it was good!  I just pruned the grapevines yesterday and I am already looking forward to another fall session of jelly making, from our own grapes, from our own soil.