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Go on a Home Energy Treasure Hunt and see how many nuggets of savings you can find and claim!

This survey says our house is more energy efficient thatn 90% of the houses in Burlington.  It also recomends we consider adding solar PV.  We have had solar PV for many years!

I found the survey to be intersting, but it missed the point at several locations.  It never asked about solar pv or hot water.  Wood pellet stoves were not included in the heating mix, only wood stoves (much less efficient).  It asked for the temperature we keep our house.  Well it is 68 in the day, 58 at night.  Only 2 rooms are heated to 68 the rest are kept at 58 all winter unless we have guests.  How do you enter that?  It also askes about the dryer.  It never asks about a clothesline or drying rack.  With our wood stove we dry lots of our clothes in front of the fire.  In the summer we use an outdoor clothesline alot.   There was never a question about using smart outlets on phantom loads.  We have one smart strip, and we use a timer on our main entertainment set up.  It goes off for 8 hours every night and can be turned off at the push of the button when we leave the house.

The survey is a begining, but a more in depth examination would be much better.