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Help us spiff up Button-Up Day.

This is a very important challenge as so many of the homes in Vermont are not even close to being buttoned-up. Many resources and a large amount of energy is lost this way each year. With the global climate changes crisis---we need to make this day more than one day and MUCH bigger than Green Up Day.


Button-Up should develop a lively public awareness presentation to take on the road...could be stocked by volunteers, or high school/college students who need to fulfill public service work...

The presentation needs to be fun and help the public to understand the extreme importance of retro-fitting and better insulating homes.

There needs to be a hands-on entertaining component.

As a state---we need to offer more incentives to get people to tighten up their homes...or sadly fine those who don't.

This should be a major focus by the State of Vermont---so we need to demand that our representatives help with this issue a lot more than they are doing right now.

After the numerous public awareness forums (all over the state) that happen throughout the summer---Button-up Day should be a festival. There should be live music, fun activities, wonderful food, workshops, etc. to get the public to attend.

The event should be a weekend or several day event.

Those that attend should receive discounts that help to go towards tightening up their homes. Or sponsors could give away fabulous prizes like insulated curtains...

Ben and Jerry's needs to participate, as well as Phish, Grace Potter, and then we also need to have Green Mountain Coffee....get our local heroes to help....

The festival should happen in several regions of Vermont: NEK, Capitol, Burlington, Upper Valley, Southwestern...maybe more

--This way people don't have to travel so far....so maybe the event needs to happen over several Saturdays throughout the fall.

Also---Button-up needs to start earlier than in November (more like September or early October)---November is not enough time to get projects finished before winter. People have a short attention span---we need to educate and inspire them and then help many of them complete at least one project that year. Don't wait...they will see how much a little change can make a huge difference.