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Getting around should be Easy, Affordable, and Healthy - for everyone. Share a creative expression of what you value about these mobility rights!

Today my seven year old asked me why her friend and her mom were walking and I commented that they didn't have a car so they walk everywhere.  She was astonished that someone might not have a car.  She wondered why and I told her that cars are expensive and  some people just can't afford one.  Her mind was blown.  Living in town it is possible to take care of most of our basic needs by walking from place to place, but grocery shopping for a family isn't easy when you have only your feet to get you there.  Just lugging a gallon of milk home from down town demonstrates this point.  By the time you are half way home it feels like you are carrying a boulder.  So, though it's difficult and takes more time we are trying to walk it if we can and be grateful that for the bigger things we are fortunate enough to have a vehicle when we need it.


I don't do traveling like I used to. My children all live far away. One is in Oregon, one is in Lodi,Ca., one lives on a sail boat in Morro Bay and my family in Vermont. I like to take the train and I do have a car. I used to ride a bike. I'm hopeing we will all have electric cars one of these days.