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Team-Building Challenge #6

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Help your team throw a great launch party.

Unfortunately I joined our team midstream so to speak but it was at a dinner party (kind of like a launch party).  We shared food and played Vermontivate.  Perhaps instead of a lauch party a grand finale party is something I could help plan.  I envision a picnic of cookies (made with love), outside on the UES playground (our clubhouse), with the sun shining (we can all dream) and us not having a single media device on.  We would simply be enjoying each others company.


This sounds super Buffy. Since team Montpelier Bears is a little more scattered than some....one player in Florida, one in Elmore, two we don't know very well and then there's the ever elusive Shawn....it would be easier to plan a celebration party. And a sunny day on the playground with cookies sounds excellent and not going to happen this week....the sun needs to hang out for more than a few minutes.