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Quick! Save as much energy as you can in one day. Try a 24-hour Energy Save-A-Thon.

Reflections on an energy challenge: our whole family pitched in and here is how it went.  We started the day by unplugging all the vampire electronics we could.  We left the computer plugged in so that we wouldn't mess up anything.  One of my children unplugged her room completely and even removed her night light, but at bedtime we had to return it (but with an led bulb)!  The same child marveled that instead of turning on her lights she opened her curtains.  For a while we sat in the dark, then found a happy medium by using one light in the room that we were using and turning on only what we needed.  We picked a day that was a regular day, we had appointments and errands in other words a regular day.  We thought about where we had to go and what we could combine in terms of driving.  We found that we got some much more done in the same amount of time.  In general the family seemed to enjoy being aware of our energy consumption and made a bit of a game of it.  I have a feeling that we will continue this for a few more days.