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We do a fairly good job in my household at saving energy.  The lightbulbs were changed over to CFLs years ago, the appliances are energy efficient (we don't have a clothes drier - use drying racks/clothesline), there's a heat pump hot water heater, and we don't have a lot of electronics (e.g. no large screen TV, cable box, etc.).  The house is now heated with two air source, cold-climate heat pumps.  The solar array on the roof (net-metered) indirectly provides the electricity to run the heat pumps so we're at least getting close to net zero.

Since it's been such a cold winter and cool spring, however, we've still been using the heat pumps for heating much of the time.  Now that it's May, I'm going to resolve to keep them off, even if the temp. dips down... I don't think it will get too cold or at least not for very long.