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Getting around should be Easy, Affordable, and Healthy - for everyone. Share a creative expression of what you value about these mobility rights!

When i was doing my project on my Grandfather i learned that he liked tinkering on bikes. The saying "Another mans trash is some mans treasure" in which is true. My Grandfather went to the dump when he was a kid and got parts for his own bike. It cost him absolutley nothing and it gave him transport.  When my bike broke i went to the junkyard and i got a pretty good bike that last me for 6 years till i out grew it. I think that the junkyard is a playground for parts. You can almost find anything in the junkyard and still be good.  But not hust for books but also for cars, skate baords and alot of other things. So the junkyard basically is a Mobil Rights mechanical station. So visit your local junkrard and see what you can find and Ram up your mobile rights.


Awesome!! Reuse--re-purpose--recycle!! Way to go