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Compost All Your Food Waste For A Week - Sprout

I already compost, my family has been since the day we moved in. (Mostly because we had a fruit fly invasion.) We keep all of our food waste (fruit peels, chicken bones, etc) in a plastic bag, and that bag goes in the fridge. (At least in the winter, because we can't put them outside somewhere.) This summmer we're starting a garden, so the compost will probably help with that.


Hey there archrune! Thanks so much for doing this challenge! As we mentioned, unfortunately, there was a technical glitch, and it's actually part of a larger set of Act 3 challenges that we're releasing next week. So we're going to have to unpublish this for now. If you'd like it back after you read the instructions on Monday, just let us know. So sorry about that! Jersey Jill, Moostress of Play
Oops! That was next week's challenge! Technical snafu! Thanks for doing it, though! We've hidden it again for now and will reveal as events progress! Apologies! - Jersey Jill