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Energy Challenge #3

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Go on a Home Energy Treasure Hunt and see how many nuggets of savings you can find and claim!

So I looked through the list, and was kinda surprised to find that my home has all of these checked off, or most of them don't apply. As I've said before, I don't really have that large of a house. I don't have a yard, and my room is just large enough to fit a bed. But yeah, we don't own a dishwasher, we hand wash our dishes, so that's big, I guess. Both of our doors are insulated, and my father's kind of a "you're not allowed to waste anything )^:<" freak, so we kind of don't take up a lot of energy or anything. I can't exactly take photos right now because it's midnight, but in the morning I might. 

*EDIT 4/4/15*: Pictures have been posted. Thumbs up for pi cup, most of all. But yes, photos include awesome sink dish-rack, weather stripping on the back door, and another strip, but this time for power. (Let's face it, my household has so many things that need to be plugged in that it wouldn't be physically possible to exist without everything being plugged in to a power strip. And that image is only for my PC! We also compost our plant matter, and all of our lightbulbs are those cool curly ones. Oh, also, we make our coffee and tea the old school way. We don't even own a coffee machine.) 


That's great! Do you have a team-mate you can help do this challenge - or someone who's not even playing? And our regards to your Dad!
Yes! I plan to get suited up and green-ify all of my friends' houses. Say no to dishwashers!