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Meditate 5 minutes/day for 5 days.

Meditation is a part of my daily schedule and has been for many years. This is such an easy challenge, because of that.

One thing that is very special about the Calais community is that we have a Sunday Night Meditation Group that is hosted in different homes each week. Each of us goes when we can. Sometimes no one shows up, other times 20+ people come, you never know.

While sitting meditating with a group of people for an hour may not seem like a bonding experience, you'd be amazed at how wonderful it is. Over time we get to know each other and are introduced to people we might necessarially know.

I have at times hosted a pot luck dinner following meditation. Everyone is welcome and its a lovely way to end the weekend and prepare for a new work week.

I hosted meditation this past Sunday. Everyone there just happened to be a Vermontivate team member - attached is the photo.


You are all so lucky to have a group! Maybe I should look for one. Or start one. Meditation is difficult for me because it always seems to get dropped out of my busy days.
Hi Musicalmillie - I think that meditation is difficult for everyone, especially when you first start. What helped me was learning a form used by christian contemplatives, the monks in the monasteries that spend hours, days, weeks and years in meditation. They take a sacred text, it can be from any practice, or just wise words and they run that phrase over and over in their minds, focusing on each word, each nuance. What happens is it comes to life with layer upon layer of meaning and depth. Very cool stuff!!! For me this was much easier than the traditional focusing on breathing technique. Also there is something that happens when you meet with others with the intention of just sitting quietly. We help lift each other up to a higher place. I find the group helps me get deeper into it more quickly. Sending you love, Angelheart