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Transportation Challenge #5

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Personal Transportation Power-Up! Shine your shoes, buff your bike, or bling your bus pass. Hint: Don't wax your car.

As mentioned before my preferred mode is travel now is to walk. However the best way I've ever found to travel is by horse and buggy.  I bought a horse when she was only 2 and taught her to drive. She preferred that over riding and would walk over to her harness, pick it up and drop it at my feet - a subtle hint.

Unfortunately she died in 2010, for which I'm still heartbroken. There is no more lovely way to travel then at the slow steady walk of a horse.  You see everything, smell all of nature, feel the sun on you and the breezes. The only down side is that cars don't expect to see a horse and buggy on our roads, this isn't Amish country.  I have a huge basket I'd attach to the buggy to safely carry things.

Even though my horse died I still have all of her tack and the cart. Someday I may be able to get back to driving, or maybe my daughter will. I miss it.


How, beautiful, Angelheart!
Thank you!