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Transportation Challenge #4

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Uncover your barriers for Hybrid Transportation. Hint: They're probably not concrete blocks.

Since I don't have a bike I walk a lot of places. One of the obsticles I encounter is weather. There are times (especially this past winter) when its just so darn cold that walking is not desirable. Ice, snow and now mud are also issues that have to be taken into consideration since the majority of roads in Calais are dirt. At the same time getting out to soak up any sun that's there, smalling the pines, hearing the birds and watching the seasons change is a great joy.

One new way we've created to get around is through our Facebook carpooling site. Its only open to Calais residents who sign up. This way we know each other and feel safe accepting rides from strangers. There here been times when I walk from my house out to where the road is paved so whomever is picking me up doesn't have to drive on the muddy rutty road...this works well.

Our biggest challenge right now is identifying "park and ride" locations. There are no natural parking places on my side of town. Last week we were talking about some possibilities, so we'll be talking to the land owners. It all takes time, but we're headed in the right direction.