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Transportation Challenge #3

Challenge Complete


Discover your opportunities for Hybrid Transportation. Hint: We don't mean get a Prius.

In Calais we set up a Facebook page for carpooling. Its only visable to Calais residents who have asked to be a part of it. When someone needs a ride they put the word out to see if anyone can help, or if they can give a ride to another.

So far we are very successful in carpooling to:

Montpelier for shopping at the CoOp

Carpooling & walking to Sunday night meditation.

I even paddle my canoe to meditation sometimes.

Carpooling to our Transportation Committee meetings.

Walking to the post office and general stores.

Walking to visit neighbors.

I had a friend drive my books to the book exchange at the CoOp on Earth Day.

Another friend was collecting shoes for people who need them - there was a central drop off point with a giant box for everyone's shoes.

I work from home  most of the time, so there is no travel needed.