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Give a boost to local efforts helping make VT transportation healthier, more convenient, and less expensive!

I don't have a bike, so can't do your challenges.

However I walk. I'm halfway between two small general stores, so rather than driving to Montpelier, I walk to one of the stores for basic food needs. I'm supporting local businesses, getting exercise and not using the car. On days I do drive I try to do everything at once.

All winter, long before this game began, I've been challenging myself to see how little I could drive, spend on gas and pollute. One week I managed to only drive once. Most weeks I had to drive twice, and a few weeks more than that. By trying to live as small as possible I'm conscious of finding ways to not use the car.

A few years ago I fought to be able to work from home and finally won the battle. I was able to cut my carbon footprint by 90%.

Being on the Calais Transportation Committee we are currently working on many fronts. Right now we carpool whenever possible, as in tonight I hitched a ride with neighbors. In addition we're looking at vanpools, the possibility of someday collectively buying an electric vehicle to share, the possibility of working with other towns to get a bus route on Rt. 14, etc. All these things take time...but we'll get there.

We've also been doing "hybrid travel" which is when you start walking somewhere and a neighbor who is also going there ends up giving you a ride for the last leg of the journey. Its great fun.

Pictured is the Adamant CoOp, one of the two general stores I walk to.