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Stop Some Idling!

When I'm in Montpelier I see busses and trucks idling all the time. When they make deliveries or pick ups they don't want to shut off the engine.

I've spoken to a couple recently and each time the excuse was "I'll only be a few minutes" but that few minutes is still illegal. After reminding them of this fact one man thanked me, the other gave me a dirty look.

At least the UPS guy has stopped letting his truck idle when delivering next door.

School busses can be the worst. That diesel fuel stinks and in unhealthy. When my kids were in school there were a number of times I knocked on the bus doors and mentioned the pollution. Each time they turned it off. How nice.

I don't have any photos of trucks idiling.


One year I played this challenge and put a sign in my car window and had a bag of tootsie pops in the car and when I found someone not idling or if I asked someone to stop idling and they did I gave them a pop :)
What a fantastic idea! Thanks for sharing it. I'm going to try it...I think everyone loves a tootsiepop.
Oh my God! How horrible!
Here ya go.