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Help your team throw a great launch party.

Well I'm a bit late for a "launch party." That happened, but I wasn't able to attend I had another committment.

What we will be doing is a celebration party when this ends. We'll meet at our official "Club House - the Whammy Bar" and celebrate all the good that has come through this enormous effort. Win or loose the game, we all win. Moreover the community wins because of the energy that has been generated to take on different projects for the good of all.

May 7th, the Thursday night following the end of the game will be our celebration. We can buy pizza there and will have local brews available.



Wait a moment Angelheart! I wuld like to be at at least one final meeting. Please consider team to hold the final meeting at another time and day. I have a regular client then and she is needs to keep her time. I guess I am requesting the ones who can come to the Whammy bar -- to consider another time or extended time.
Hello not-so-Ancient Woman, more like "Wonderful Woman" - There was talk about a follow up next week, but we realized we will need to continue to meet going forward. No time or date was set by the time I left (early) although I think the Whammy Bar is a ideal location. The Calais Food Committee, or anyone left from that group, should be invited as well as maybe the energy committee and transportation committee, whomever. We should all put our heads, hands, and hearts together to make big changes in Calais. Love, Me