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Team-Building Challenge #5

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Find or invent a role you can play for your team.

I just wrote this whole thing and then lost it - ugh!

The "roles" people have taken on have come from a natural progression of working on projects together. There has been an easy transition into getting done all that needs to be accomplished with people choosing to jump in and take on a task or portion of one.

My role has been to be a "doer." What I mean by that is for example, when the idea of putting in a community root cellar came up I knew just whom to call in as a consultant. That is because this is one of the things I've been doing for years through Transition Town Montpelier region. We had so much interest in the root cellar tours we'd organized that we decided to put together a root cellar tour video which I posted somewere on this site ages ago.  Our root cellar consultation is also in video form and was posted on this site by Jumpin Jersey.

In addition when the idea of doing a public planting of nut trees came up I jumped in. I already have some nut trees in my yard as well as other fruits and berries, plus then I plant veggies each year. I grow way more than I use so that I can give it away to whomever wants or needs it - the "Giving Gardens" project. 

So I called to find out who had nut trees in stock and what the prices are. I've reserved them and will pick them up later this week for planting Saturday. ..thus the "doer." Much of what I do ends up focusing on relocalizing our food supply, such a basic thing.

The attached photo is of one of my hazelnut trees. If you look closely you'll see the catkins that will become nuts this year.

There is now talk about the possibility of creating a town orchard, how wonderful! Years ago, through Transition Town, we put in an orchard in Hubbard Park, up by the tower. Its public and open to be harvested by whomever wants food.