Team-Building points

Team-Building Challenge #3

Challenge Complete


Help your team find its mission - i.e. your reason for playing (besides ice cream).

I'm playing this for a few reasons,

To empower people with the skills and knowledge they need to live a resiliant, rich, abundant life no matter what the future brings.

Building community and cooperating as we move toward a healthy shared vision of the future filled with joy and fun is a big part of this.

I also want to get to know my neighbors better.

In addition I want to help the people of Calais become more consicous of our collective impact on the earth and environment.

I'm also all about creating a sustainable, local food system that will feed us and the generations that will come after us.  Thus all the tree plantings and root cellar project for storage.

We are addressing our transportation future as well as energy needs. There is much to do, but we've made a good start and will continue.


Thank you musicalmillie. I really hope we get to meet someday. You'll have to have your sister notify all of us if you come for a visit.
Love your first reason, Angelheart!