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Enrich your team with the gift of your kindness, wisdom or gratitude.

While I'm sure every team thinks of themselves as special, there is something SO EXTRA SPECIAL about the Calais team. We live in a little community of about 1,500 people spread out over mountains, valleys and hillsides. Our roads are mostly dirt and during mud season there are times you can't get across town.  Even in good weather it can still take 20 minutes of driving to get to someone on the other side of town. People here care deeply about one another and look out for each other. If you let a need be known someone will step up and help.  I've never lived in a place that has such a strong built-in feeling of community. Anyone who wants to join in may. Our little Calais Vermontivate team exhibits the best qualities found in humans. Its an honor to be getting to know you all a bit better.


You are so right. Your team is so wonderful and inspiring!!