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Food Challenge #5

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Tell a story of one of your favorite Vermont local food experiences.

I had been buying fresh raw organic milk from a local dairy, but decided to take some time away from dairy to see how my body felt. So I switched to almond milk, the kind you buy in boxes at the CoOp.  But then I realized how rediculously unsustainable the packaging is and read about how much water almond trees need. With the draught in California being so extreme I thought it best to steer away from almond milk. So I went back to McKnight Farm, Seth Gardner's place in E. Montpelier and got more organic raw milk. I turned that into yogurt so it would be probiotic and get my body used to milk again. Its worked, so I'm back to using his milk in my coffee and tea....as well as continuing to make yogurt and paneer, that Indian cheese.

If there are others in the area that would like raw milk I could pick it up for folks when I go...we'll save gas.