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I would like more people to grow more food than they can possibly use and share it with whomever wants it.

Over the past few years of running the "Giving Garden" project I've realized there are a lot of people out there that work long and hard, but don't quite make enough money to get ahead. These people don't feel that they should be visiting the Food Shelf because they're not "that poor" however, they are food insecure. Any extra good healthy organic local food they can get for free will allow them to spend less at the grocery store. There is a stigma about going to the Food Shelf.

When I first started this project I notified people of the free food on Front Porch Forum and asked that they come to the house where I could give them the food, or pick it that moment. It didn't work. People were not willing to go to the house.

I then realized I had to make it easy for people to privately access the food. So I put the food out by the road...but things like lettuce and kale would wilt if left in the heat and sun. So I painted a sign and put it out by a cooler next to the street. There is ice in the cooler under upside down clementine boxes to keep the veggies cool and away from the ice. It worked! People could stop by in their own time and get whatever was available.

I've extended this concept to growing more starts every spring and giving away baby plants for others to plant in their gardens. Last year I gave away over 1,000 kale plants from seed I'd saved from the prior year.

My neighbor gave away raspberry plants, others have given away tomato plants, pepper plants and more. We all win when we share.

A few years ago a farmer friend over ordered and gave me over $1,500 worth of blueberry plants, grape vines, onion sets and seed potatoes. I had a hard time giving that much away, but did finally succeed. Those fruits are in people's gardens all over the region including mine.


Just wow..this is so lovely..you moved me Angelheart. I can't wait to meet you!
Thanks Karen! Will you be at the ice cream party?