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Make naturally dyed Easter Eggs!

I've used both yellow onion skins and red onion skins to color eggs, but wanted to try grape juice mixed with lacto-fermented red cabbage juice. The result was a dark, speckled, purpley sort of thing.

See the attached photo.


Thank you for doing this challenge, for whatever reason I kept skipping over it feeling like Easter had long come and gone, but hearing about yours inspired me, and I'm SO glad I did. It was fun and delicious since I then ate my boiled down blueberry's over home-made vanilla ice cream!!
I can't believe you skipped any of the challenges...with your score I thought you got to them all. When I make lactofermented beets my hands are stained for a couple of days. It amazing how much color is in fruits and plants and fun to see what we can do with that. What I didn't say before I sent that info in is that about a 1/2 hour later, when I went to eat the egg, the color had changed to charcoal gray - yuck! but at least it tasted good. I'm glad you had fun with it and got a good egg out of it.