Energy points

Energy Challenge #3

Challenge Complete


Go on a Home Energy Treasure Hunt and see how many nuggets of savings you can find and claim!

This is a great list of things for people to do room by room. Lets start:


All appliances have their plugs pulled out when not in use.

All light bulbs in the entire house are LEDs

Some windows have permanent weather stripping, others have removable stripping so they can be opened each year and resealed for the winter.

I only eat organic, local and fair trade and have for 25+ years.

I have a low flow faucet.

I don't have a dishwasher - I'm it.

I have been composting all food waste for over 40 years.

I've been making my own household cleaners for 40 years. Found recipes in early Organic Farming and Gardening magazine back in the 70's.

I don't have paper towels in the house. I use rags and wash them regularly.

I've never had an antibacterial soap in this house.

Living Room

All electrics are on power strips and they are pulled out of the sockets when not in use.

All lights are LED's.

Outlets, windows and doors are weather stripped and insulated.


I just gave away about 15 pair of shoes.

I have a pile of clothes that need to go to the Goodwill box.

All is weather stripped...etc.


I have a low flow toilet that sometimes needs extra water added to flush throughly

Have low flow showerhead.

I use recycled toilet paper

My showers are about 3 minutes

My daugher manufactures her own skin care products made from local, organic honey, I use these.

My toothbrush does have a changeable head.

I use only homemade cleaners everywhere in the house.

Laundry room

There isn't one. My washer died, so I handwash everything.

Clothes are dried on the washline or drying rack next to the woodstove.

I use the best detergent I can find and borax.


I have a push mower, but rarely need to use it. Almost the entire place is now gardens with edibles everywhere, and flowers to thrill my heart.

Have never used chemicals, nor had a snow blower. I have a snow scoop.

All organic and better yet - Biodynamic!

I have a bat house, but they've died off. I can't wait for their return.

I have nut trees, fruit trees, berry bushes, periennal herbs and veggies, as well as annual foods and flowers. I also let the edible weeds grow to harvest - dried for winter use, fresh in the summer and fall.


I use wood and have kerosene backup heat with a programmable thermostat.

Before I can do more insulation I need to raise the roof, change the roof design to shed snow better and then insulate. This will be a massive project for which I need to save up $$$$$$$.