Transportation points

Transportation Challenge #5

Challenge Complete


Personal Transportation Power-Up! Shine your shoes, buff your bike, or bling your bus pass. Hint: Don't wax your car.

I ride a bike -- which has been in the garage for a while --so I need to clean it and maybe take it to a bike shop to get it in shape.  I may buy a new more comfotable seat  -- one reason why I don't ride it as much as I could!  I would like to go for bike rides a least 3 times every week either before my work in Montpelier or after.   And when I go pond swimming ( 1 mile away) to ride my bike there  instead of driving my car. 

I believe I have good walking shoes -- a must if I am gong to walk to yoga and friends home.  Then there is car pooling.  The main thing is to not keep doing what I have always done becasue I have always done it that way --- so to dust out the cobwebs of my mind and be creative!