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Food Challenge #3

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Eat real food. Not too much. Mostly plants.

Day 1: Today I am starting this chalenge, and I will type in the present, then submit it when i' done. Normaly I dont eat breakfast, only because I'm not hungry, and I don't realy have the time. So theres not much to say here... Its about 9: 30 a.m. and for a small snack I had about 4 blackberries, about 6 peices of pineapple, and the same amount of cantalope. I ate about a fistfull of fruit, and I am full, I will respond let you kow when I start to get hugry again. It is 10:36 and I have just started to become hungry, so I ate a fistful of fruit to satisfyed me for about an hour. I am eating the same amout of food I had before, now I am going to see if in an hour I am hungry once more, as an expiriment. It is 12:36 and Im still not hungry, so Im not sure what hapened. It is 2:16 and im still not hungry, however I will still eat a sandwitch before track, because if I dont I may get cramps. For dinner I had about 2 fistfulls of lasagna, to fill me up. I bacialy repeated this for three days. Its hard to get started, but I may be able to change to a scedual more like this.