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Share 5 Gratitudes/Day for 5 Days

I started this on 4/14 and wrote down my 5 gratitudes each day so here goes!

4/14 - Today I was grateful for:
1. Ben & Jerry's Free Cone Day!
2. Spending some outdoors with my co-workers
3. Meeting up with my good friend Sara for dinner
4. Having time to clean my basement
5. Carpooling/taking the bus so I didn't have to drive to work

4/15- Today I was grateful for:
1. Riding my bike to work
2. Finding time to work on a side-project
3. Getting to go outside and kick a soccer ball around
4. Having the ability to use my work computer at home (it's much faster than my personal computer!)
5. Waking up to sunshine (again!)

4/16- Today I was grateful for:
1. Finding time to cuddle with my cat
2. Having leftovers for dinner!
3. Only spraining my ankle in soccer and not doing something worse
4. Making a breakthrough in my work test automation project
5. Getting my teammate to take the bus to/from work with me!

4/17- Today I was grateful for:
1. Carpooling to work so I didn't have to drive/put pressure on my foot!
2. Getting some down-time at work to hang out with co-workers at the end of the day
3. Getting to try some delicious home-brew beer from a co-worker
4. Getting to celebrate my friend's birthday
5. Finding a store-bought guacamole that I enjoyed

4/18- Today I was grateful for:
1. Drinking responsibly last night (so, not feeling sick this morning!)
2. Happening to stop at the Goodwill Store on Shelburne Road and seeing that they were having a one-day sale where all pink-tagged items were just $1!
3. Cooking brunch and dinner instead of eating out
4. Swapping out a couple light bulbs out for LED bulbs
5. Getting to use my manual treadmill for a few minutes

I enjoyed this challenge because I am notorious for focusing on the negative stuff that happens throughout the day.  I wrote my list at the end of each day, and it helped me to remember that there were a lot of great parts of my day and go to bed feeling good!