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Transportation Challenge #6

Challenge Complete


Mission Possible: Pull off a regular trip with less driving. Hint: Use your new Hybrid Transportation know-how!

I was finally able to get my bike out and ride into work today!  I usually wait another couple of weeks, but I was up for the Vermontivate challenge!  It wasn't too cold out, and it's supposed to be much warmer on the ride home.  

Per usual, I got lost... Which extended my ride about 10 more minutes but I planned for some extra time and hey, it gave me some extra exercise too!

I'm hoping I can start biking to work on a regular basis!


This is great!! and I Love the Pic!! :)
Thanks! I love the blue sky above my head! Very excited for this spring-like weather!
Forgot to mention that the ride in is about 4 miles, although with my missed turns I probably went more like 4.5 today!