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Food Challenge #6

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Have a local meal with friends. Play by the rules!

I enjoyed this challenge!  Since some of my best friends are my teammates, we deciced to do this challenge together.  Each of us pitched in to get some local foods.  

I went to City Market in Burlington and was pleasantly surprised to see that they clearly mark their foods with labels that tell you if the food is local.  One teammate and I got some local veggies (carrots, basil, spinich, onion, potatoes- from Grand Isle and Jericho, VT), butter (from Websterville, VT) and pasta (from Grand Isle, VT).  

I sauted all the veggies with some of the butter, cooked up the pasta, then tossed it all together with the basil.  It came out quite tasty!  Our other teammate bought some bread made in Middlesex, and Cabbot Cheese.  We topped it off with some wine that said it was "local" but when I got it home I realized it was from upstate, NY.  Still, pretty close by!

It was a very tasty/flavorful lunch.  We even talked with some of our co-workers about Vermontivate because they wondered why we were all eating the same meal together!  (We shared some food with them, too!)  We got to spread the word, have some fun, and support local farmers.  Win, win, win!